Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Learn Wine Making Basics - the Beginning!

Basic Wine Knowledge ... every story has a beginning and my wine experience started quite young for an American girl.

My parents always enjoyed wine. My grandmother was born and raised in Germany and wine was something everyone drank over there...young or old, it didn't matter. This custom was passed on to me. I was always allowed just a tiny glass of the grape, sometimes cut with water, sometimes Kool Aid ( I was always a bit on the adventurous side!) and so it seemed very natural when a new neighbor moved in from Austria (very exotic for Seattle) and she and her husband brought with them all the grape presses, barrels and equipment from the "old country". WOW!!!

My parents were fascinated and, of course, I was too! They taught my parents basic wine knowledge and how to use this knowledge to make good homemade wine.

Soon Polly and Andy taught us where to look for grapes and how to press them in their garage/winery! They added this and that to the mix and I stood by watching, my love affair with wine just beginning. The anticipation was always there. I would wander over after school and take a look at the barrels and listen, or try to, as Polly and Andy described in their broken English the process taking place.

Fast forward now, forty five years later, My parents and grandparents are gone and so are Polly and Andy, but the memory is still there. I love wine. I am fascinated with making wine. This blog is dedicated to learning wine making basics. Let's take this journey together and have fun along the way. We will never take ourselves too seriously and we will enjoy the ride.

Learn wine making basics? Sign me up!